Into the World of Monsters

Artgenda, Club Adorator
Hamburg, Germany 2002

Into the World of Monsters was a performance that was showed at the theater Neues Cinema in Hamburg 2002. Artist Mariola Brillowska had invited me to make a performance in her show "club adorator" during Artgenda.
I had made a little stage on the big stage and there a puppettheater about monsters, reincarnation and the so called good and evil forces in the world took place.
What was small was filmed and projected big behind me who was disguised as a mummy and thus became smaller than the puppets.
The end was a battle between vegetables that tried to stop live tortoises from playing gospelmusic on a synthesizer.
The soundtrack was made of parts of 20 different versions of the song "King of the Road", a thunderstorm and gospelmusic played live by the tortoises.
Ideas of scale, alternation of the conciousness, perception and mythology interest me.

Sound: Into the world of monsters (4,4 MB)

> Video

a few seconds filmed by Miika Nysönen)

photo: up: Kajsa Eriksson, down: Steve Howard
Thanks to Dorota Lukianska and Maria Magnusson who assisted me
Thanks to Mariola Brillowska
Thanks to Fredrik Lindgren who mixed the soundtrack